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Move-in/Move-out Cleaning
Selling your home!
It's time to move again. How many times have I done this before? Cleaning the old place after I move or the new place prior to the move is always the worst part of moving. Maybe I will just let the owners keep the damage deposit. Here's a solution!! Call Magic Wand Home Cleaning Services! We will save you time and money. You will be able to concentrate on getting your furniture and pictures placed in your new home and still have time for running around to get things you need for your new home. You will receive your damage deposit back at a fraction of what Magic Wand costs you. There are so many reasons to use Magic Wand Home Cleaning for your move-in or move-out cleaning. Call Today!
In your New or Old Residence we will clean:
   * Appliances
   * Counter tops & cupboards
   * Vacuum and mop floors
   * Empty garbages
   * Wipe down ceiling fans, light fixtures & switches
   * Tubs & toilets cleaned & disinfected
   * Closets
   * Walls
   * General wall touchups

You will not have to worry about any of these hassels! We will do it all for you.
Moving is alot of work
We will clean your home for you!
Using Magic Wand for your move is an investment because we will also clean:
   * Entrances
   * Baseboards
   * Mirrors
   * Wash floors
   * Sliding Doors
   * Windows
   * Sinks
   * Decks and/or Balconies

Now your home is ready to sell. Your day or week didn't miss a beat while you slept well and the family enjoys your new home!
Before you start stressing about how your multi-tasking skills will allow for your move to run smoothly, call Magic Wand Home Cleaning Services to see how we can make life a little more simple for you and your family.

It is time to call or email us today to receive your estimate for your move-in or move-out cleaning services.
Clean your stove and fridge
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